Raw Organic Argan Oil

Raw Organic Argan OilI first came across raw organic argan oil when visiting relatives in Morocco. I became interested in it when I noticed my cousin using argan oil both in her cooking, and on her face and hair! She explained to me that it’s a very healthy oil for cooking, and it also has amazing health and beauty benefits when used externally.

Where Does Raw Organic Argan Oil Come From?

Raw organic argan oil is extracted from the Argania Spinosa tree, which is indigenous to Morocco. Native Moroccan women use it on their skin and hair, and cook with it. The oil has been shown, when applied externally, to replenish the skin and help restore the water lipid layer. It has compounds called saponins which are able to soften the skin, and also help with acne and eczema, as well as provide protection against UV rays. Argan oil also contains high quantities of vitamin E, which helps again to protect against skin damage.

How is the Oil Obtained?

The argan oil is extracted from the nuts grown by the tree. The native Berber women of Morocco crack the nuts by hand, before extracting the seed and grinding it to extract the oil. It can take a full day’s work to extract just a small quantity of this wonderful oil.

Many people have started using raw organic argan oil in their cooking, and it is traditionally used in a Moroccan breakfast dish called Amlou. Also, the crushed nuts can be used on toast (like peanut butter), or as a dip for bread, or to accompany vegetables, fish, salad or other foods. Eating argan oil has been shown to help disgestion, and also protects the liver, heart and the gall bladder.

Ways You Can Use Argan Oil

Fortunately, it’s becoming easier and easier to source good quality raw organic argan oil, both food grade and for skin and hair. Many beauty products also come with argan oil blended in. It’s well worth purchasing a bottle of raw organic argan oil, so you can see for yourself the wonderful effect on your skin and hair.

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